Best Food Processor

A food processor is a crucial part of any kitchen. Powerful and quick, they can chop or grind pretty much anything, and they save tons of time and effort when you’re cooking, but food processors can also be sort of bulky.

Unless you use them every day, you probably don’t want to keep them out on your counter (and who really has all that much space on their countertop?). Not only that, they will take up a sizable amount of space in your cabinet.

So while useful, a food processor is something lots of people go without, preferring to chop veggies by hand or use a blender (though they are definitely not the same thing!). Thankfully, there is a solution for all of us who want garlic in tiny pieces but live in studio apartments: the Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus Food Processor!


Small yet mighty, a miniature food processor will do exactly what you want it to. It will grind nuts, chop veggies and garlic, and make a hummus so fine that all of your friends will be jealous.

With the addition of liquid or oils, you’ll also be able to purée, emulsify and blend. And best of all- it’s so small you can leave it on your counter or tuck it away in a cabinet without taking up too much space.

The downside, of course, is that there are tons of different brands of mini food processors out there. It’s a pretty simple machine – blades and a motor – but not all little food processors are created equal. There are a lot of things to consider when looking for the perfect mini food processor.

First of all, is it really mini? How small is too small, and when does a mini food processor cease to be “mini?” How strong are the blades, does it work efficiently and well?

Will it last a long time or will it break after 6 months? How loud is it, how easy is it to use? All of these are questions you’ll want to ask yourself before doing your research.

Luckily for you, we did the research for you! We went in search of the best mini food processor, and there was a clear winner: the Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus.

What’s so good about it? Well, it’s small. At about 8x10x5 inches and weighing in at 3 pounds, this is a little machine that is easy to store. It is a 250-watt machine and includes a 24-ounce plastic (BPA free!) work bowl with a handle.

The stainless steel blades are extremely sharp, which is important if you want to chop delicate food like herbs, basil, lettuce, or anything else that is fragile without turning it to mush. It’s easy to use: it has two buttons at the base of the machine, “chop” and “grind”, and not much else.

There are also small built-in holes at the top of the cup lid that allow you to add liquid while using it. And best of all, it’s pretty easy to clean! Food processors are notoriously tricky to get clean, and this little machine is dishwasher safe (at least the bowl portion, not the electric base!).

Pay special attention to the area around the blade when cleaning – give it a good rinse once you’ve finished and nothing will build up.

This machine takes a little getting used to – since it’s so powerful, you’ll need to experiment a bit. Initially, you might “over chop” some of your ingredients. You don’t need to hold the button down (and in fact, that might burn out the motor).

To use this machine most effectively, press the button once or twice in quick bursts. Check the state of your ingredients, and if you want them chopped or ground even finer, press the button again.

The Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus is more powerful than you might think, so just a few taps of the button will usually suffice.

Of course, there are some down sides to any mini food processor. The Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus can’t handle heavy loads and isn’t the right machine for you if you want to chop up pounds and pounds of vegetables at once. This is a mini machine for relatively light loads.

It will grind and chop all manner of hard veggies and fruits, but it will struggle if you try and put in too much at once. If you try and fit too much into the top compartment at once, especially if you are using a recipe that requires a lot of liquid, it can leak.

It’s important to be realistic with your expectations of any small kitchen appliance. The Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus Food Processor is just that- mini! It is made for smaller jobs and will not work well if forced to contain more than it is made to.

That being said, if you are looking for a small, powerful, compact and easy-to-store food processor for everyday kitchen use, this is a great buy!

It’s intuitive design, small frame, easy to clean cup, and sharp blades make it a great addition to any kitchen. And it’s so tiny that you can easily store it in the cabinet and keep that precious counter space free for other things.